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Superior Movers offers a full range of office moving services for small and medium size businesses moving to or from San Diego within Southern California. As your advocate in the moving industry we will assist you with the planning process and advise you how to relocate your business in the most organized and cost effective way possible. Our professional moving staff is highly trained to successfully relocate your business, and assist you with the many needs that come with relocating an office. We can help you with furniture installation, storage, e-waste and hauling, liquidation, and insurance certificates.

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Basic Service

This service is for our customers with small offices. They are completely prepared before the movers arrive so that they can save money. These customers are completely packed, disassembled & shrink-wrapped their own furniture and are willing to move their loose & small items themselves. These customers typically do not have a lot of belongings and only need movers for a couple of hours. For these customers we offer the best rate that we can. But in order to save you the most money that we can, we will only move boxes and furniture. If you only have a few items that need to be shrink-wrapped and/or have disassembly & reassembly, or need door & floor protection, then we can help you with that with some additional charges.

Regular Service

This service is for customers with 1 to 3 offices. They usually have minimal desks and furniture and the bulk of their move is boxes. They are completely packed but they also have loose items that don’t fit into normal moving boxes. For these customers we bring specialized bins for FREE to safely secure their loose items. If you need disassembly & reassembly, or door & floor protection, then we can help you with that with some additional charges.

Superior Full-Service

This service is for customers that do not have the time to properly prepare their offices before the movers arrive. These customers typically have multiple offices and they also need a Certificate of Insurance for the building owner. These customers typically have more belongings and special moving needs such as large printers. These customers may need some packing done on moving day or split their move into two or more days. They typically need hauling services to get rid of old furniture or perhaps they are downsizing. For these customers we provide FREE disassembly & reassembly, specialized bins, wardrobe boxes, floor & door protection as well as a pickup truck with a 16-foot trailer to move dirty and/or outside items that they do not want mixed in with their household belongings.

Superior Packing

Superior Movers specializes in completing their moves without damage. Let us pack yourbelongings to make sure that everything is properly protected and labeled so there is no guess work to what is in each box. We label each box so that you know what room it came from as well as what section and the contents. We can pack all your offices, crate delicate glass items and more. We use only the strongest moving boxes, packing paper and foam wrap for the ultimate protection. We can pack as little or as much as you need. We typically pack our clients’ belongings 1-3 days before their moving date. We can deliver a packing kit to you. There are some things that we cannot pack such as open liquids, perishable foods, chemicals, flammables or anything that could leak and damage your belongings. We cannot pack bathrooms as most of those items fall into our packing restrictions and for sanitary reasons.

Superior Movers Hauling Service

Our Hauling Service Does Not Accept Any Of The Following Items:

We can only haul away unwanted items that can be accepted by your local donation centers or recycling centers. All appliances must be emptied including refrigerators and freezers prior to removal. All water and gas lines must be disconnected by the customer and not Superior Movers.

Superior Movers Hauling:

We charge depending on if you need Curbside Hauling or Full Service Hauling.

We charge a Fuel Surcharge depending on how far we have to travel for your service.


Client Reviews

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Sam McGovern
Sam McGovern
James and Justin of Superior Movers did an awesome job with my last minute office move. They packed everything, moved it, and put it all back together very quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Superior Movers!
Vans C
Vans C
Superior Movers is by far the best moving company out there! Very patient, responsive, on time and reliable. I had to move my moving dates a few times and Jonathan was always very responsive and patient. They even made my move over a holiday weekend. These guys rock! I will definitely use again!
Audra Irons
Audra Irons
Was the 1st time I needed a "full service" moving co. Superior Movers exceeded all of my expectations. Prompt, efficient, and attention to detail. I used them twice within 1 month. You DEFINITELY get MORE than you pay for with this company!!
Mayra Moreno
Mayra Moreno
These guys were amazing! They were able to accommodate everything on such short notice and did everything in a very professional manner. Def recommend
steve wilson
steve wilson
I found this company thru google reviews and I have to say Im very pleased with my service. Jonathan; James Will and Marcos were very professional and extremely helpful! I had heavy furniture that I couldnt move myself and they handled it like a champ- when moving into the new house Jonathan helped decide which way to set up the furniture in the bedrooms because of them being captain beds with drawers on 1 side only it would have worked the way we had the rooms set up before in the old house. I believe you pay for what you get I did have other options of moving companies with lower prices- however the reviews for those companies werent as high as Superior Movers. Im happy they were here to help- if I ever have to move again I will use them and refer them to anyone I hear that needs movers
Christine M
Christine M
Had a 1 bedroom apartment move Carlsbad to South Oceanside, movers were on time, they were impressive -- they worked swiftly, efficiently & professionally, we actually got done 1/2 hour early and everything arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommend & will definitely use them again as I am looking for a larger apartment currently. The price quoted was fair, no overages at all and made the nightmare of moving a pleasant experience! Thank you!

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